In&OutStories journey continues with Ultimate Tennis Showdown !

"I am very excited to announce that UTS is back, and for the first time ever embedded within an ATP Tournament. Equally proud for In&Out Collective to be part once again of that amazing journey" Arnaud Simon CEO



It’s official: Ultimate Tennis Showdown returns for a third edition of exciting high-level tennis. UTS will be back in action next month in collaboration with the European Open in Antwerp, Belgium. UTS will take place prior to the ATP 250 competition, from October 16 to 18. Six professional players will participate in this three-day showdown event, which promises to be as electrifying as ever.

UTS and ATP events: a winning combination The goal of this model, starting with a collaboration between UTS and Tennium, the Antwerp tournament organizers, is to offer a complementary event which brings added value for the tournament organization. By working hand-in-hand with ATP/WTA events, UTS strives to offer a positive and sustainable complement to the professional tour. Through this model, UTS becomes very attractive for the players for three main reasons:

  1. UTS gives players an opportunity for extra income in a period where prize money is scarcer.
  2. UTS offers them bonus preparation in the tournament venue, and without having to add more travel time in their calendar.
  3. Players have applauded this new and exciting format, which is fun to play and allows them to work on different aspects of their game.

“The Ultimate Tennis Showdown is a breath of fresh air in the current climate, and not just within the tennis industry. Its immersive and creative format is appealing to players, fans and media alike, helping reach out to different audiences. We are excited about such collaboration and look forward to delivering this initiative together.” – Kristoff Pulinckx, Tennium Managing Partner “This is a model we chose to put at the center of UTS’ strategy because it is a win-win for all parties involved. I have always imagined UTS working alongside the existing professional Tours and their tournaments. I am confident Antwerp is the first of many collaborations to come.” – Patrick Mouratoglou, UTS Co-Founder & Chairman

UTS3 in a nutshell: same concept, evolving format UTS aims to bring back the same suspense, excitement and emotions that were shared during its first two editions. Fans will see a return of UTS’ signature concepts, such as live mid-match interviews, timed quarters, deciding points, sudden deaths, a loosened code of conduct, and much more. Through UTS3, the fan-centric league will continue to develop a different way to showcase tennis, acting as a continuous laboratory, constantly exploring new ideas and putting players and coaches’ personalities at the center of the show. UTS3 will be composed of two groups of three players. The winner of each group will face in the final, which will be played on Sunday. All the matches will be played in night session after the day’s qualifying matches, promising high levels of entertainment.

Friday October 16 (18h-23h): 3 group matches Saturday October 17 (18h-23h): 3 group matches Sunday October 18 (21h30): Final

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