Arnaud Simon talks @ConnectTech Asia

In&Out Stories CEO, Arnaud Simon , was one of the panelists invited by ConnecTechAsia.

What traditional sports could expect and not expect from e-sports ? How can they embrace innovation, be inspired, and crack narrative codes from e-sports to better engage fans ?

Arnaud has shared his experience about 2 rising properties In&OutStories collective works with : International Swimming League and Ultimate Tennis Showdown

2 brillant example of a live narrative change to be more compelling and clearly inspired by e-sports.

What he calls the « 3 i » rule !

i. Immersion ii. Intensity iii. Interactivity

Augmented sports could be the right answer to keep on engaging younger generations.

Be inspired by e-sports but do not count on them to change your model or grab new fans for your own purpose

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