Arnaud Simon speaker @Asian Media Summit 2022

Happy to announce that Arnaud Simon has been invited as speaker at the Asia Media Summit 2022.

It will be live on May 25th at 8.30 am (CET)

Session 3: The Media of Web 3.0: A Shifting Landscape in The Digital Age

The media industry will continue to evolve, and it is evident that this will not stop in the future. These changes are the result of technological advancements and changes in how media consumers use and rely on various informationbased internet applications. In the coming age of Web 3.0 where the Internet will be decentralised, adopting technologies to utilise the potential of blockchain will benecessary for the media industry. This session will discuss the major changes that are likely to occur in the world of media and how these changes can benefit those who provide content to their audience, where advanced and immersive platforms will be readily available to consumers, aided by 5G.

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