Gen Z and Sport in France : In&OutStories contribution to CSA 2022 report

The 2022 CSA report has just been released, questionning a panel of more than 3 000 people in November and December 2021.

Proud to announce that Arnaud Simon, In&OutStories CEO, has been asked to bring its contribution and analysis alongside 4 other experts to this report.

The survey has been conducted by CSA consumer Science & analytics department led by Jean-Charles Malbernard.

CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel) is the French Audiovisual regulator.

Access to the report is behind the paywall so we will not share any content here. We can only say the in&Out Stories vision and actions are clearly reinforced and confirmed by the survey results. Sport must embrace change !

Check on line !

Cliquez pour vous procurer l'étude

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